An Amazon Flex Bot is a software solution that helps Amazon Flex drivers automate the process of catching “blocks”. For those who do not know, blocks are essentially shifts for Amazon Flex drivers. Typically, drivers will have to tap the refresh button to get a chance to accept a block. With Flex Bee, one of the best Amazon Flex bots, you don’t have to continuously sit on the Amazon Flex app to get a shift.

The right Amazon Flex bot will allow its users to lay back and relax as it does all the heavy lifting for you. Using a bot can also help you increase your earnings because you increase the likelihood of getting higher-paying blocks. Flex drivers will also decrease the odds of them missing a block by using Amazon Flex bots. 

What is an Amazon Flex bot

Amazon Flex Bot: The Pros of using a bot

If you’re reading this, there’s a high probability chance that you’re an Amazon Flex driver. That being said, you should also know the Amazon Flex app like the back of your hand. It’s where you will find your next shift, or “block”. Below are three ways an Amazon Flex bot makes your life as a driver easier than if you didn’t have a block. 

  • A good Amazon Flex bot should have features like captcha solving, auto-restart, and custom filters 
  • A good Amazon Flex bot will save you a lot of time and headaches. Typically Flex drivers spend hours waiting for blocks during peak delivery hours. 
  • It can help you stay organized with all the blocks you catch. It will show you the blocks you caught, missed, or rejected in one location based on the filters you input. 

Amazon Flex Bot: The Cons of using a bot

There are risks with using an Amazon Flex bot. Although Amazon Flex has never released an official statement on the matter there have been Amazon drivers that have been banned for using bots. Usually, you will get 3 warning emails before a permanent ban is issued. Please make sure to read the terms of service under the Amazon Flex website for more information. 

Amazon Flex Bot: Getting the most out of your bot:

Below are some tips to get the most out of your Amazon Flex bot: 

  1. Read up on the directions of your preferred Amazon Flex Bot. 
    • There are many different Amazon Flex bots and a lot of them have different user interfaces, filters, and features. It’s imperative for you to become familiar with your bot because it could stop you from catching blocks if you don’t 
  2. Make sure your bot software is up to date.
    • If your Amazon Flex bot is an app from the IOS or Android store, there’s a high chance that you will need to periodically update the app. Fortunately for you reading this, Flex Bee is a web-based app so you do not need to worry about updates. 
  3. Become Familiar with the bots’ User Interface :
    • There are many different kinds of Amazon Flex bots out there. For that reason, it is VERY important for you to become familiar with the style of experience your bot provides. For Flex Bee users it’s important to become familiar with the buttons, the filters, the scheduling tool, the auto-restart, and the arrival time feature. 
  4. Use the Amazon Flex Bots scheduling feature to your advantage: 
    • This feature is perfect if you drive Amazon Flex with a schedule in mind. Using this feature will allow you to work within your own schedule. This feature will help you create a good work-life balance so you can also prioritize resting in between Amazon Flex shifts. 
  5. Follow your bots on socials: 
    • Some bots promote themselves on social media sites like Reddit. Join their communities and ask questions to get a better idea if you feel like the bot you’re going to use is really for you. Things to look out for are active engagement within the community, a good follower count, and recent post history. Be careful putting your information in a bot that seems sketchy and does not have an online presence.


In conclusion, utilizing an Amazon Flex bot, such as Flex Bee, can significantly streamline the process of securing blocks or shifts for Amazon Flex drivers, potentially increasing their earnings and enhancing their work-life balance. These bots offer a range of features including captcha solving, auto-restart, and custom filters that save time and reduce the hassle traditionally associated with manually catching blocks. They assist in organizing and tracking the blocks caught, missed, or rejected, thereby fostering a more structured approach to managing shifts.

It is crucial for users to approach with caution, as the use of these bots comes with inherent risks, including the potential for being banned by Amazon Flex. To mitigate these risks, users should thoroughly acquaint themselves with the terms of service on the Amazon Flex website and adhere to the guidelines stipulated therein. Additionally, maximizing the benefits of a bot entails familiarizing oneself with its user interface and ensuring the software is up-to-date to prevent any hindrances in catching blocks. Engaging with the bot communities on social platforms can also provide insights and help in making an informed decision about choosing the right bot.

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While Amazon Flex bots present a promising solution to the challenges faced by drivers in securing blocks, a cautious and informed approach to their use is paramount to safeguard one’s interests and maintain a fruitful association with Amazon Flex.

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