Boost your
Earnings & flex

Delivering packages is hard work, but with Flex Bee’s Flex Bot, your block searches become effortless. Flex Bee’s advanced technology lets you schedule your preferred Flex blocks, increase earnings, & take back your time!

Manual Refresh
Minutes Saved / Week
$ 1
Weekly Earnings
1 %
Increase In
Hourly pay
1 X
Value Return
On Flex Bee's Price
*average improvements based on part time & full time Flex Bee beta users

Boost Your Earnings,
Save Valuable Time

Our powerful search algorithm filters blocks quickly,
accepting the best Flex blocks on your behalf! Save time from refreshing & be automatically notified when you receive a new block!

Customize &

Customize location, pay, block duration, and more! Get real-time notifications for new blocks, putting the control of your Flex hustle right in your hands. 


Our user-friendly dashboard simplifies searching, ensuring you find what you need quickly. The power of schedule filters, custom locations & automatic search restarts let’s you take control of your Flex pay. 

Dennis E.
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Using Flex Bee has simplified my Flex experience. The instant notifications make sure I never miss out on valuable block opportunities.
Sarah B.
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As a new user, the support team helped me configure my search filters and settings to fit my work preferences.
Manny S.
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Flex Bee has proven to be a great tool, helping me optimize my earnings and streamline my searches. Highly satisfied as a beta user!


Flex Bee Pro

$35 per Week

Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely not! Our system generates an encrypted access key based on your driver account login. We never store any sensitive data like your password or personal details.

Yes! Our web app can be accessed from any browser, and is optimized for a seamless experience across all mobile and web devices. You do not need to download an additional application to use Flex Bee!

Flex Bee has been developed using advanced proprietary technology designed to keep your account safe. We are constantly prioritizing our platform’s safety and effectiveness for all of our users. 


Absolutely! New customers can try our service free of charge. Feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance with setup or configuring search settings.

Yes! We offer our users the option to solve CAPTCHA puzzles or manually by sending you an sms notification

We’re always working to improve our system’s performance to increase your earnings. However, it’s normal to miss blocks. The success rate of searches can vary based on factors like driver region, time of day, and filter settings